Agents purchasing the Q-Report receive the same report we send to all NFL and CFL teams. The Q-Report includes valid quality player times, measurements, Gold Band Video (if ordered) and contact information for all participating players (except those represented by an agent) in attendance.

The Q-Report also includes the Q-List. The Q-List is a roster of the top performing players from each Q-Camp as evaluated by Q-Camps Director of Player Personnel, David Turner, and our veteran NFL combines staff. When discussing your Q-List client with a pro team it is important to have the same Q-Report and video they do. The Q-Report is essential to preparing for contract negotiations.




Knowing your clients’ VERIFIED quality combine times, measurements, player performance index and ability level is the only way to accurately gauge their potential to move up to the pros. Sending your client to Q-Camps is the best way to determine if he has the potential to generate commissions as a pro.




For the Q-List players, NFL and CFL teams receive complete results, a detailed scouting report prepared by Mr. Turner, video-taped player interview by Mr. Turner and the player’s Gold Band Video (if purchased). NFL and CFL teams work directly with Mr. Turner in the evaluation of Q-List players for training camp, practice squad and mid-season active rosters.




It is advisable that players sign up for the Gold Band Video service. In addition to the Q-Camps pro scouting reports, all NFL and CFL teams receive the video of the Q-List players who have purchased the Gold Band Video service. Please note that in our view, when a pro contract offer is a toss-up between two players, the player with video has the upper hand.




All Q-Camps players are included in the ANC National Player Database (NPD). The NPD includes player results, player interviews, contact information, PFI score and Q-List players. Teams use the ANC National Player Database when considering contract offers to draft eligible players and free agent pro prospects. 


To order the Q-Report, click the button box above. After you complete your order Q-Camps will send you a private link to access your selections.