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1. Player Results

ANC individual player results include  times and measurements from the 40 yard dash, 3-cone, height, weight, arm, hand, and the broad jump. Results also include player contact information, school, age, last year of eligibility, experience and more. Complete player results are posted online 24 hours after each ANC combine. Players should go to the Player Registration section of this website for access details.


2. ANC Hot List

ANC Combine Results also include the player Hot List. The Hot List consists of the top performing players from each ANC Combine. Hot List players are selected by ANC Senior Evaluators, who are all veteran NFL regional combine directors. Evaluations are based on a player’s athletic test results and position drills performance. Click here for our Senior Evaluator bios. 

3. Pro Football Index

ANC players also receive a Pro Football Index score. The PFI is calculated by assigning numerical values to their combine test results from the height, weight, 40 yard dash, broad jump and the 3-cone drills. PFI scores are  calculated based on the player's position.

For example, a lineman running the 40 yard dash in 5.00 seconds would receive an excellent PFI. However, a defensive back running a 5.00 would receive a considerably lower PFI.


The PFI score enables players to calculate and compare their level of  pro football athletic ability to other players in a nationwide databank. They can also use their PFI score as a target for improvement and promotion to teams.

4. National Player Database

All ANC players are included in the ANC National Player Database (NPD). The NPD includes player results, contact information, PFI score, Hot List status and ANC Percentile ranking. Teams use ANC Results and National Player Database as integral factors when considering contract offers to pro prospects.

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